According to Zillow, spring is not the selling season for real estate that we all thought it was. In fact, the website reported in a recent study that November, December, and January – historically considered to be the worst three months during which to put your home on the market – are actually the best listing months of the year[1]. “Once the New Year starts, buyers who have resolved to buy a house will start looking,” observed MSN Real Estate expert Teresa Mears. She added that “if your house is one of just a few on the market, it will get the first look.” Zillow’s study also showed that buyers actually look at properties “in person and online right up until Christmas Eve,” which means a holiday listing could be just the thing to make your sugarplum dreams of selling fast in a down market reality.

If you’re still not convinced, Zillow has more evidence that the spring theory is just that: a theory. Many sellers assume that buyers will not want to make a home purchase in the middle of the school year in order to accommodate kids’ schedules. However, it turns out that “more than half of buyers aren’t married and their decisions aren’t based upon school schedules,” reported Zillow, adding that “spring isn’t as relevant as it used to be” as a result[2]. It’s certainly the case that more homes are for sale during spring than in any other time of the year, so it stands to reason that spring would still be one of the most active periods of time for listings. However, that may be more of a tradition than an actual indication that the growing season is the time to sell.

By Carole VanSickle