According to paint company Sherwin Williams, you probably want a bigger “pop” of color in your home. The company conducted a nationwide survey of 1,406 homeowners and determined that nearly three-quarters (74 percent) wish that they had “more pops of color in their houses.” The survey also indicated that 29 percent of homeowners specifically want to “spice up” their living or family rooms with color, while 19 percent want more colorful bedrooms and 10 percent want more colorful kitchens. Jackie Jordan, director of Sherwin Williams’ color marketing, said that people want more color in rooms where they want to feel more energetic. She also suggested that burnt orange and baked clay would create a “youthful” environment in a room and that homeowners consider painting just one wall or a piece of furniture if they are not sure that they want to “commit to a whole room”[1].

Sherwin released the survey results just in time for National Painting Week, which began on Monday. The company sponsors the week and sends hundreds of employees into their local communities in honor of National Painting Week to clean up community centers and facilities and redo public buildings[2]. What do you think about the alleged “pop of color” trend? Are you using this decorating strategy in your own properties to make them more attractive?



By Carole VanSickle